Interview with a Zombie

i'm socially conscious

The blogger “Zombie” of the blog Zombietime has been covering anti-war, anti-Bush and antinomian protests in San Francisco, the city that never met a liberal cause it didn’t like. While we may mock these silly displays of moral rectitude, Zombie has revealed, through pictures, the really dark and violent fantasies that these marchers would impose upon the rest of us. Their world is one in which sadistic murders would go free, suicide bombers are heroes and Israel would be wiped off the map.

PolicyByBlog has a really interesting interview with Zombie on how and why Z decided to document these rallies. An avowed liberal, Z thinks these protesters are, “actually, literally insane.” Are these people the mainstream or are they just freaks? They are apparently in the mainstream of the SF left.

Even if you hate politics, Zombie is a great example of the power of a citizen journalist. Guided by a zeal to show the full story of events, Z shows us the anti-war left in SF in all its unhinged madness. It’s not pretty, but it’s true.

Zombie’s been an inspiration for me, too, as you can see of the photo above of a cheekily subversive protester which I snapped at anti-war rally in DC.

Stock Photos: Seeing Double

You’re not crazy. You are seeing the same people over and over again in advertisements, according to this article in The Wall Street Journal. Why? Because it’s a lot easier to use stock photos of people than to go out and take pictures.

When I worked for AARP, we only had a couple of CDs worth of stock photos of active seniors. We used those people again and again on the web site. No women in walkers for us, no, these were tan couples striding to the tennis court, rackets in hand. Or lithe men hanging off steep cliff faces. Or independent grandmothers on the vacation of a lifetime. We used them so much that I felt like I knew them.

Imagine my surprise when I began recognizing them in other places, like ads for health insurance and annuities. And why not? We didn’t own them, after all. They were just stock.

my dad
not stock…. a real active senior, my Dad

Flickr Camera Finder: Canon Rules

EOS Digital Rebel XT Usage This Year
Flickr camera use diagram
courtesy: Flickr
Flickr’s Camera Finder is fascinating on several levels. For one thing, it’s shocking the level of dominance Canon has among Flickr members. The Canon Digital Rebel XT (the camera I have) is by far the most popular camera among Flickrites, with the Nikon D70 a very, very distant second. Among point and shoots, the top 5 are all Canons, with the Canon Powershot SD400 the most popular model. But what’s also interesting is that you can click on the names of the camera models and see pictures from Flickr users. Useful to see what kind of pictures a camera can take, if you’re in the market to buy one.