Yahoo in the Brand Universe

Yahoo is a tale of missed opportunity, a new media giant that acts like a dinosaur as their nimbler rival, Google, runs circles around them.  Yahoo could be so cool – they have Flickr, which is the very model of web 2.0 sites.  The difference, however, is that Google is about empowering users.  Yahoo is about big media telling consumers what they should watch.  We’re just a bunch of eyeballs to them.  Their latest attempt to get back in the game is documented in an article in Variety:

 … it’s focused now on a new strategy it calls “brand universe.” Rather than just searching for exclusive content, Yahoo has identified over 100 brands that are most relevant to its users. It plans to launch new sites that bring together all of the content relevant to each brand from across the Yahoo network, as well as whatever the netco can get from the big media firm behind it.

Apple is a brand that is very relevant to me.  I’ve been going a trusted set of Apple sites for years to feed my fanboy addiction.  What, exactly, is Yahoo going to bring to the table?  Sites like MacCentral, MacRumors, MacUser, etc…. have the space pretty much tied up.  What could I get from Yahoo that I couldn’t get from them?


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